How to Use Fidget Spinner as a Stress Buster?

Fidget spinner

How to Use Fidget Spinner as a Stress Buster?

A fidget spinner looks like a simple toy but it’s taking the market by storm all around the world. It has become one of the most popular toys everyone is seeking and talking about. However, the subject whether the fidget spinner is a stress buster and effective in handling anxiety is still a matter of debate.

Fidgeting is a common response to boredom, nervousness, impatience and is a manifestation of restlessness. According to ADHD experts, fidgeting depends upon how much stimulation we receive. This means that fidgeting actually helps us to focus more by distracting the portion of the brain which is bored. To deal with excess stress, fidgeting is a normal and natural response and is considered healthy.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner is a small toy which can be held by or balanced between fingers while ball bearings make it a spin. It comes in various designs like bi-spinner and triad forms. It’s made from different kinds of metals like brass, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and copper. Cheaper ones made from plastic are also available.

A fidget spinner was introduced in the early 90s with an aim to help children with special needs like ADHD, autism to develop fine motor skills. However, a Forbes article declared that a fidget spinner is a must for stressed out office goers to help them release their nervousness to feel calm.

Fidget Spinner as a Stress Buster

• Environmental distraction can be avoided
Various uncontrollable environmental distractions can be avoided if you are using fidget spinner which can take your mind off those. It actually helps you to focus on what is important.

• Fidget Toys are of different types to suit you
Fidget spinners can be used in different forms including the likes of chewable items, balls, cubes, and rollers.

• A toy which gives pleasure
After all the fidget spinner is a toy which can remain in between your fingers to help you concentrate, you can just take some time to play and feel refreshed once again.

 • Generating neurotransmitters
In a modern work situation, we all are mainly restricted to a fixed place without much physical movement while our brain is constantly under stress. A fidget spinner provides you a kind of movement and also generates neurotransmitters which help you to focus and manage stress well.

The Science behind Fidget Spinner Being a Stress Buster

Fidgeting is a natural response which children and adults all alike tend to do but are expected to avoid doing. It’s a fact that body movements go hand in hand with the cognitive process.

Coming at an affordable price the fidget spinner is a toy which allows you to do fidgeting. Fidgeting is a response which is actually keeping our mind away from all other distractions thereby taking off the stress resulting from all those stuff.

To sum up, a fidget spinner is effective in letting you concentrate and deal with your stress in much better ways.

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