Frequently Asked Questions

We do not recommend lubing your bearing for the best performance and to keep your spin times. However applying lube to the bearing will not damage the bearing.

This slight wobble while changing the axis of the spinner is a perfectly normal characteristic of a 2 bar design.  It’s a gyroscopic effect that happens when the weight shifts.

Dirt, lint or any other foreign object that gets in your spinners bearing will make your THRAXX spinner perform poorly. The process of cleaning the bearing is really simple with just one cleaner available at your local hardware store.


WD40 Electrical Contact Cleaner

Here is the process

1. Pull both grips of by pulling them straight out they are being held by magnets. I use my nails right under the button, pull straight up with a little wiggle.

2. Spray this contact cleaner on both sides of the bearing (direct stream) to get all the debris that’s built up in the bearings out.

3. Spray the stream at your THRAXX bearing at an angle to get the bearing spinning which will insure that every little bit of debris gets out of your bearing.

4. Put grips back on and spin until dry… if you still feel something in the bearing run through the steps again… I vigorously spin the THRAXX for 2-3 minutes until it’s completely dry.

The grips are held together with strong magnets. In order to remove the magnets you must pull directly up on the one of the grips either using your fingers or finger nails if you have them. Simply pull straight up with a little wiggle and they will come off your THRAXX spinner.