New Product Alert: THRAXX Nano + Bearing Tools

New Product Alert: THRAXX Nano + Bearing Tools

NANO, Nano, nano we’re finally making it happen! Oooh and we’re also making some bearing tools 8)

Whats up guys! We are so stoked to be showing off our brand spankin new Nano. Some of you have seen it many of you have not, but we’re gonna change all that today 8)!

The THRAXX Nano has got to be one of the most fidgetable spinners that has ever come out of THRAXX EDC. I mean, we made a prototype about a month ago and it literally has not left my sight,. If I’m not spinning it you better believe it’s in my pocket.

Super Fast Spins, Crazy easy to flick and fidget with. This little dude is definitely a user not one that’s just gonna sit on your dresser collecting dust 8).

Now to the good stuff…

THURSDAY JUNE 7TH @ 6:00PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

THRAXX Nano in all metals shown below
THRAXX Bearing Tool 2.0



Nano – FYI All Grips will have same material as body

• Stainless Steel | $125 | 44 Grams
• Titanium | $150 | 26 Grams
• Brass | $125 | 47 Grams
• Copper | $125 | 49 Grams
• Aluma Bronze | $125 | 41 Grams
• Zirconium | $225 | 37 Grams

Dimension -> Length: 1.8 Inches / 45.72mm
Checkout some of the pics below we’re you’ll be able to see a size comparison

R188 Bearing Removal / Press Tool:
Material: Aluminum
Anodized Color: THRAXX Blue
Price: $40
Will only work on press fit spinners with r188 bearings

6-8 Weeks From Pre Order Date


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