Plastic vs Metal Fidget Spinners! Which one should you buy?

Plastic vs Metal Fidget Spinners! Which one should you buy?

If you are considering getting a fidget spinner, there is more to it than just the spinner itself. This is a question most people ask so you can relax, you are not alone. Fidget spinners can be used to relieve stress, promote concentration and widely used with children and adults with autism and attention disorder. The difference between a metal spinner and a fidget spinner is not only the material. There is much more to the fidget spinner than just the material.

Plastic fidget spinners are large, light, unbalanced and are in no way durable. The bearings used in the metal fidget spinners like the THRAXX are smaller (r188), more durable, spin longer, more precise than the large ones used in the plastic fidget spinners. When it comes to durability issues, the metal fidget spinner like the THRAXX takes all the glory.

Plastic fidget spinners are cheaper as compare to the metal fidget spinners. However, there is no value in them if you compare them to metal spinners. Someone once said that cheap is expensive and this saying is especially true. The number of spinners you will have bought before you get a good one will be equal to a handful of quality USA made fidget spinners.

Spin time
Our High quality THRAXX Metal fidget spinners are heavy, precisely machined and border line works of art . Coupled with a hybrid ceramic bearing specifically designed for our fidget spinners they will spin for longer than any of the plastic spinners you’ll find on the internet. Yes there are plastic spinners that have added weights, and they can also spin for longer but a metal spinner can’t be competed with. The ones made of stainless, copper or brass will spin for so much longer than their plastic counterparts.

Look and feel
This depends on what you think looks good to you. Some people think plastic takes the cake but it’s really to the eye of the beholder and of course budget. Anyone who has tried a handful of spinners would agree with this subjective judgment. Plastic fidget spinners feel just like that, like plastic fidget spinners, cheaply made and will eventually break if dropped, and you don’t get the satisfaction that you are actually holding something that is just pure quality. A metal fidget spinner like the THRAXX you hold in your hand and you instantly feel the weight, inspect it a little closer and you get to see the fine lines of a beautiful piece of machine work. Something you’ll be proud to own, hold and share with your family and friends.

Tips and tricks
If you are the tricks type of guy, you like throwing the spinner up in the air slap it around and having land back in your fingers while it’s still spinning lol the plastic spinner is what suits you. Metal spinners like the THRAXX are heavier, even though well balanced they are totally harder to do your fidget spinner tricks with. Plastic spinners on the contrary are light and in now way can it harm you unless if maybe it lands in your eye, if you drop it it’s totally fine it was probably a spinner that can easily be replaced as they relatively inexpensive.

These are a few of the factors you can consider if you are wondering which fidget spinner to buy, plastic vs metal.

If you in the market to buy a high quality metal fidget spinner we suggest taking a look at our THRAXX Fidget Spinner collection. They sell out fast but we have a waiting list for you to sign up on each one of spinners product page. You’ll be notified the second they are back in stock.

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  • Tri Tran Reply

    I think all spinners can be durable if one don’t oversopin and must take care and maintain them well.

    August 12, 2017 at 4:22 pm

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