THRAXX R188 10 Ball Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

THRAXX R188 10 Ball Hybrid Ceramic Bearing


We’ve created our very own R188 bearing stamped with “THRAXX” on the side of the bearing race.
Pre Lubed: Yes
Sealed: No
Race Construction: Stainless Steel
Balls: 10 Ceramic
How it feels: This bearing provides lots of feedback and was designed for long spin times.

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1 review for THRAXX R188 10 Ball Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

  1. 5 out of 5

    This bearing is standard in the spinners that THRAXX sells. I love these stamped bearings. They have been in the highest ranks omong other great bearings and have won. However, these are very finicky and will require a lot of cleaning time to get the best results for the best spin times. I do wish that THRAXX would stop using lubrication on these stamped awesomeness bearings because I have only achieved a good spin time and good feedback after the lubricant is Dawned away. Dry is the best way to get the best performance and consistency. These bearings get gunky faster than any other bearing I’ve ever used but after the long Dawn cleaning up they are back to beast mode spinning times until they get gunky again. I highly recommend these bearings. I’m sure glad to have a good amount of extras around because these are sold out most of the time. Just go ahead and get some.

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